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Cognition, 2018

Computational Brain & Behavior, 2018

CogSci Proceedings, 2018

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. Successful structure learning from observational data. Cognition, 2018.

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. Do people ask good questions?. Computational Brain & Behavior, 2018.

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. Topics and trends in cognitive science. CogSci Proceedings, 2018.

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. Grounding compositional hypothesis generation in specific instances. CogSci Proceedings, 2018.


. Modeling second-language learning from a psychological perspective. NAACL-HLT, 2018.

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. Asking and evaluating natural language questions. CogSci Proceedings, 2016.

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Hey Anselm, how do I pronounce your name?

Think of Andy, Self, and Rote Learning: “Anselm Rote” [‘an•selm] [roʊt]

Easier for some people: Think of Anthem and replace the th with s: “Ansem.” (You can add the “l” but I don’t mind if it is missing.)

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